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Pokemon Art Academy - 'My Favourite Pokemon' entry by Rapid-the-Hedgehog
Pokemon Art Academy - 'My Favourite Pokemon' entry
My entry for the current Pokémon Art Academy contest. The category is 'My Favourite Pokémon'... the problem was that there was no way I could settle on just one of these guys. :P

I decided on the pose almost right away. I'd actually considered putting Goomy in the picture as well (sitting on Dragonite's head), but I decided that it'd make the picture a little too cramped and that it'd lessen the composition of the piece (sorry Goomy). Not to mention obscure part of Dragonite a fair bit.

The lighting was a bit of a tricky one, in that it was something of a lose-lose situation. With the Pokémon facing in different directions, I didn't really want any of them to have their face in shadow (since it rarely looks good). Meaning I had to try and make a weird compromise on the lighting without it looking too weirdly impossible.

As the title suggests (and the contest requires), drawn in Pokémon Art Academy on the 3DS, hence some slightly wonky lines in places, as well as the stock background. Yes, it's the same stock background I used for my last picture. >_> But it was the one that fit best with the image and I generally liked this one best. 
Pokemon Art Academy - Swapsies by Rapid-the-Hedgehog
Pokemon Art Academy - Swapsies
Relatively quick, fun piece done in Pokémon Art Academy for 3DS. 

Oshawott and Buizel are my two favourite Pokémon, so I toyed with the idea of them swapping their trademark accessories. (Even if it's been suggested that Buizel's floatation sac should actually be part of his body and he'd die if it were taken off XD; )

Since I derw this in Pokémon Art Academy, the lines are a little rough and wonky in places, and outside of that Buizel's proportions are a little off in places. I also didn't consider the background (which I should probably mention is one of the stock ones provided by the game) when I started, so the perspective of them is kind of off in comparison to it, too. XD

In retrospect this might have made a fun Halloween picture (even though I started it a week or so ago), but eh. 
Tingle Warriors by Rapid-the-Hedgehog
Tingle Warriors

Because Tingle totally should have been/ needs to be in Hyrule Warriors dammit.

Seriously, if Agitha can get in, why the hell not Tingle? D: He’s a million times more well-suited to actually being a playable character than she is. If they can make a moveset for her, they certainly can make one for Tingle.

That said, he seemed to be a relatively popular candidate on Twitter when the developers asked which characters people would like as DLC, so fingers crossed.

This picture actually went relatively smoothly, but it still ended up taking a while simply because I was distracted with other things and only really worked on it on and off. It was quite fun tweaking his outfit, since the general Hyrule Warriors theme seems to be ‘take [character] and overdesign them’, which given how flamboyantly camp Tingle is, kind of fits him to a T. :P
Pokemon Art Academy - Oshawott by Rapid-the-Hedgehog
Pokemon Art Academy - Oshawott
First original piece I've done outside of the regular lessons in Pokémon Art Academy. Started as a relatively quick doodle, hence the somewhat random pose. He was originally going to be chasing a ball or something but I removed it from the picture.

Obviously, drawn on my 3DS so it's a little rougher around the edges than my normal stuff, so to speak. Also, the background is one of the stock ones provided by the game and wasn't drawn by me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this at first since it's messier than my usual work, but I was happy enough with how it turned out to post it. 
Volleyball by Rapid-the-Hedgehog

This one actually had a surprisingly complicated thought process behind it all, despite its relative simplicity. It wasn’t really any one thing that made it fiddly, but rather lots of small decisions that I pored over.

It was actually one of the first sketches I roughed out along with my napping Buizel picture, so the pose was mostly sorted from the get-go. It was sorting his expression out that was a pain. Do I have him frowning in determination, or more neutral eyes? Should his mouth be open or closed? Should the ball be in or out of focus? What colours should be on the ball? I agonised over a bunch of those for quite some time. I also considered showing some of a beach in the background but realised it wouldn’t really fit the perspective. I’m still not 100% sure if all the decisions I went with in the end were for the best or not, but oh well.

I actually tried adding weight to the lines in this, so it looks like I did pick up at least one useful habit from Pokémon Art Academy.

And yes, I realise I’ve gone for another ‘sunny sky with clouds’ background so soon after my Chestnaught piece. :P It wasn’t actually intentional to reuse that style of background again, but rather it seemed to fit the piece. Admittedly I’m not as happy with how this background turned out compared to the Chesnaught one. I didn’t do as many fancy lighting effects, so it does look a little plainer. I partly avoided mimicking the effects I’d used before since I didn’t want to look I was reusing the same background idea *too* shamelessly.

But anyway! Volleyball Buizel. I’ve already got a pretty strong idea of what I want to draw next, so I can hopefully make a start on that soon. :)
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Sooo, with Pokémon Art Academy out this week (and my copy hopefully arriving tomorrow), I've been wondering if it's actually worth posting the results to my Gallery.

In retrospect, I probably won't, since I don't really want to clog up my Gallery with identikit pieces that everyone and their mother with have drawn due to following the in-game tutorials. :P If I draw any interesting original pieces with it I might post them here, although I'll probably post the rest to Scraps just so they're up here in some shape or form.

Also, on an unrelated note, I think I'll go back and post some WIP pencil versions of some of my recent stuff to Scraps fairly soon, too. :)

EDIT (Also apparently titles can't contain é so I have to omit spelling Pokémon properly XP)


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